Thanks for visiting. I’m a nothing-special kind of guy — a layman (which means I can say things the clergy dare not express), a businessman, a professional writer and marketing guru (self-proclaimed, I might add), father of three terrific children and grandfather to five grandchildren at last count.  (Grandchild # 5 was born August 28, 2008).

I am an honest seeker of God (though very much a clay-footed one), and I have taken some out-of-the-way roads to find Him. Let’s just leave the details at two marriages, two divorces, no major prison time, and a joyful, grateful outlook on life for having survived so many foolish decisions, not all of which I can blame on a joyfully mispent youth. I guess that’s why I am so big on the wondrous combination of faith and forgiveness.

I’ve been doing these daily thoughts (I still think of them as just daily ramblings) for years. I started out writing them for business clients (Business Thoughts), as a way to stay in touch with them…and remind them how much they loved me. Nobody said anything negative, so I figured they were okay.

Gradually, I began writing general inspirational pieces (Motivational Thoughts) …and people told me they liked them. Good enough for me.

Then I finally decided that my deepening spiritual life (Spiritual Thoughts) needed to be expressed. I’m not all that sure how, but I hit a positive nerve in people, mostly because I wrote about my inner fears, strengths, feelings and hopes.

I’m not all that sure where the ideas come from. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and they are fully formed. Other times, I struggle to string together two coherent words. They are built around quotes, which I have been collecting for years. (Whenever I read, I have a pad and pen nearby and record anything that seems at all profound.) I’m willing to (correction, I insist on) giving credit to the Holy Spirit, who I have let have greater and greater control over my life in recent years — not an easy thing for a stiff-necked, reformed-heathen control freak!

I do know that the format: three paragraphs — followed by a notable quote –took more than 25 years to evolve. It seems to work. Short, sweet and to the point.

So, thanks for visiting. If you have questions or comments, let me know. I thrive on praise. (Like a puppy, scratch me behind the ears and I’ll be in pure bliss.) I also appreciate criticism, if only because it makes me a better man. (Still, a little of that goes a long way. After, all, I don’t want to become that good.) Either way, contact me at john@DailyConnections.net.

So, thanks for visiting and God bless.

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