Statement of Faith

Somebody asked, “What is your website’s ‘Statement of Faith’?” I guess, in biz terms, that would be called a Mission Statement.  I’d never thought of it before.  But here is what I believe my writings are about.

I know too many people who live in quiet despair, who think that they are imperfect sinners, unlike (they mistakenly believe) the other folks in the pews around them and on the streets passing them by.  I know differently.  I am an imperfect man of faith.  And I have no problem with it.  I am both blessed by God and flawed in my own humanness.  I have a soul that soars into the heavens … and clay feet that keep me woefully stuck in the muck and mire of this world.

I was raised Roman Catholic, slipped into indifference, was dragged into atheism (college will do that to you), rediscovered my faith through some hard-fought searching; got knocked off balance through a divorce after 23 years of marriage; stumbled into the Episcopal Church (where you neither have to check your brain at the door nor become someone different on Sunday morning than you were Saturday night); entered and left a second marriage (a very bad habit to pick up); and am now wizened (if not wiser), nicked and scarred, but still standing (albeit a bit wobbly at times), finally recognizing that God’s way is the only way, and that God’s love has been with me every step of the way.  Any questions? 

I write of hope and joy and perpetual forgiveness, along with frustration, faith half the size of a mustard seed, and gratitude bigger than the starry heavens.  I talk to God, argue with God, believe in God, get so mad at Him sometimes I could spit, and believe that He loves me anyhow, if only because He was the one that made me tough and doubtful and sometimes arrogant, but honest and loving, too. 

I write because I am a writer.  That’s what I do for a living.  And I guess this is my mission, my ministry.  Over the years, I’ve earned a couple of million dollars and change from my talent.  Eventually, even I figured out that maybe, just maybe, I could, should and would use my gift to serve the Lord.  So, here I am.  I write in order to share my few insights with searchers on the broken road of faith and life.

I am a layman, so I have the freedom to write heresy, to speak honestly (albeit perhaps inaccurately), without concern for the party line of some religion.  In the back of my mind, I hope that every day one person will read what I have to say and realize, “Oh, yeah, life isn’t always meant to be a bowl of cherries!” or feel less alone, less of a failure, less inadequate … and more loved, more forgiven, more certain that God’s way is the only way.

So, my mission statement or statement of faith?  I guess it could best be summarized by something I wrote for my daughter when she was struggling with some jumbo demons.  I called it “A Perfect Day” and it became the title and focus of my collected writing to date.  God bless.     
A Perfect Day

A perfect day is not a day
    when you do everything right. 
A perfect day is when you are forgiven
    — by yourself and by God —
when you do everything wrong. 

— John R. Ingrisano

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