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 Need a speaker or fund-raising event for your church or faith group?  Pick a topic:Title:  “The Day My Father Died Was One of the Best Days of My Life

Fathers aren’t always all that good at … well, at being fathers.   Some are terrific.  However, many struggle, leaving scars their children can bear for a lifetime.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  In fact, it is very often our fathers who need our patience, our forgiveness, our compassion and our love the most.

This emotionally charged 45-minute one-man drama (also available as a 15-minute sermon), tells John Ingrisano’s true story, his quest to “not feel guilty at my father’s funeral,” and how this decision set him on a path of discovery about himself, his father, and the bonds of family.  John entertains – making us laugh and sometimes gasp — at the honesty of his story that, in the end, transformed the relationship between father and son from cold and indifferent to warm and caring.  It is story-telling at its gripping best, a tale that gives hope to all children who struggled with their clay-footed fathers, and to those fathers as well.

All members of the audience will receive a copy of the published booklet, “The Day My Father Died.”

Audience:  Houses or worship, men’s groups, domestic abuse agencies, and self-help gatherings, plus all organizations that value relationships and recognize the need for healing.  This program can be conducted in an auditorium stage setting or as a podium presentation for groups of any size.

Presentation covers:

  • The acknowledgement that, very often, the relationship between fathers and their children can be uncomfortable, strained, sometimes painful.
  • Our fathers very often are the ones most in need of our forgiveness, our understanding, our compassion and our love.
  • The bitter-sweet and sometimes funny narrative story about how John Ingrisano took up the challenge to build a relationship with his father, “whether he liked it or not.”
  • How years of stubbornness and persistence can transform a relationship from cold indifference to warmth and caring.
  • A reminder that, even if your father is gone, how John was able to  break the pattern and transform his relationship with his own children, creating a living miracle and testimonial to the power of faith and persistence, and how you can do the same.

 What you can expect to take away from this presentation: Attendees will have the opportunity to come to terms with their own relationships as parents and as children and be motivated to shape, improve and strengthen those relationships.


Title:  “A Tribute to Women of Faith & Strength


The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men – from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

From Mary, the mother of Jesus, to St. Monica, who relentlessly prayed for and confronted her son, Augustine, about his dissolute ways, to Mary and Martha, Naomi and Ruth, and others, it has been the women – women of faith and strength – who have been the bedrock of Christianity and the steel that has held together Christian families for centuries.

In this emotionally powerful 45-minute tribute, John Ingrisano honors women from the Bible and history, as well as from his own wondrous personal experiences with his mother and grandmother.  Speaking of Mary at the wedding feast at Cana, John speculates:  “I picture Mary as being about five feet tall, and Jesus well over the six-foot mark.  So, like any mother whose son is giving her back talk in public, I suspect she paused, slowly looked him up and down and then stopped him dead in his tracks with ‘the look,’ a mother’s most powerful weapon.  And then, without another word to Jesus (or from him for that matter), she turns to the servants and tells them to do whatever he says.”    All members of the audience will receive a copy of the booklet, “A Tribute to Women of Faith & Strength.”

Audience:  Houses or worship, pro-life groups, women’s Christian groups, men’s Christian groups looking to honor the women in their lives, domestic abuse agencies, and self-help gatherings, plus any group that appreciates a well-told faith-based story.  This program can be conducted as an after-dinner program, in an auditorium stage setting or as a podium presentation for groups of any size.

Presentation covers:

  • A testimonial to the contributions of women who have — often quietly, sometimes loudly – been the stability and the strength of the Church and individual families.
  • A speculative, very human side of Mary, the mother of Jesus, you have never imagined before.
  • Touching stories from history and John’s own personal experiences of how women of faith and strength have transformed the lives of so many of us.

What you can expect to take away from this presentation: Attendees will come to a better appreciation and personal experience of the women from Christian history and from our own experiences.


Other topics:

  • How to “Find” Money to Support Your Church: A fundraising Program.  For details, visit  the church fundraising page at The Family Finances Conference Center.
  • Women of Faith & Strength
  • The Best Day of My Life:  Thoughts on Faith, Forgiveness & the Day My Father Died
  • The Clay-footed Christian
  • The Will of God vs. the Will of John
  • Jesus Really Knew How to Pick ’em, Didn’t He? (Why the Apostles Give All of Us Hope)
  • The Brash, Rash, Irascible St. Peter
  • Blessings in Disguise: How Every Setback Is a Gift
  • The Christian Business Person — Serving God While Paying the Bills
  • The Greatest Job in the World (Sales skills for faith-based business groups)

If any of the above topics tickle your fancy, John Ingrisano, author of A Perfect Day: Thoughts on Faith and Forgiveness, is available to address your church and other faith-based men’s group, women’s group, fellowship gatherings, conventions.  Your choice.


Who is John R. Ingrisano?  “I’m a recovering heathen and clay-footed Christian, who God blessed with joy, a small talent for writing … and one persistent desire to ease my neighbor’s pain and share my roll-in-the-mud faith with others.”

By the way, you are welcome (without charge or obligation) to post my daily ramblings on your church website.  Look them over at

For more information about costs and availability, contact…

John R. Ingrisano
4279 Hunter Road
Gainesville, GA 30506

(770) 314-2649

A Perfect DayA perfect day is not a day
when you do everything right.
A perfect day is when you are forgiven
— by yourself and by God —
when you do everything wrong. — jri

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