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Pushing my cart through the grocery store, I was feeling surly, beset by a series of nagging, gnat-like annoyances and what-if concerns – none major, but all distracting. My mood was sour, dour, and grumbly.

Then turning onto an aisle, I saw a woman wearing a nice T-shirt. On it was one word, boldly written in glittery, cursive letters: BLESSED. I stopped, stared for a moment, and started to chuckle.  As she passed, I pointed to her shirt and said, “Yeah, me, too.  It took your shirt to make me remember.  Thank you.”  She just smiled, and we both went on our way.  (Who knows, she might have been thinking, “Strangest pickup line I’ve heard.”)  As I finished my shopping, though, I was joyful and mindful of how wondrously blessed my life truly is.

My point:  I love those little God Wink moments, those times when God slaps us upside the head, as they say (sort of like a V-8 moment), and reminds us that He is always with us, and He always cares. All we have to do is be open and aware, focusing on all the beauty and the overflowing cornucopia of God’s blessings rather than on the occasional problem and setback, especially the itsy bitsy minor ones.  – jri

And we know that God causes everything

to work together for the good of those who

love God and are called according to his

purpose for them.”

  • Romans 8:28

Without planning or forethought, I find myself these days perhaps several times a day speaking aloud something like, “Lord, thank you for the gift of this day” or just “Jesus, thank you.” It reminds me that I am blessed, that I am bought and paid for by the ultimate sacrifice of our Lord Jesus.  Bonus:  Several weeks ago, Susan told me that when she is around and hears me say it, perhaps in the next room, she is reminded to give thanks, too.  Try it.  Simply uttering your own simple profession of faith can change your day and others.  So, thank you, Lord, for the gift of this day.  Amen.

John Ingrisano


June 1, 2016



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