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Rod lived under a cloud. He was a mope. Nothing went right for him, or so he believed.  He always expected the worst and just knew that the toast would always land jelly-side down.  I once asked him if he thought it would be pretty neat to win a million dollars.  His reply:  “I’d probably have to pay taxes on the money.” 

Many people are like that — blind to the good stuff around them, always focusing on the weed at the far end of the garden and not seeing the riot of color from the beautiful flowers surrounding it. They worry and expect the worst.  They  miss the simple “miracle” of warm water coming out of the shower at the twist of the faucet each morning; they forget that the car (and they have a car, maybe two!) starts pretty much all the time; they do not notice that they have a home with a leak-free roof; they take for granted that they probably have at least one person who loves them (you really only need one, that and a good pet); they do not give a thought to the fact that they can get out of bed in the morning and … well, that they have a bed and can get out of it.

Then there are those who are awesomely blessed … and they know it. They may have a lot; they may have very little.  (I think that depends on how you define a lot and a little.)  They may have never been sick a day in their lives; they may have recurring bouts with cancer, and all the staff in the emergency room know them by name.  Regardless, they live joyfully, in a mope-free zone.  Their secret?  They have learned to just trust.  They are men and women of faith who believe (and believe in) the promises of the Lord, and they know that, no matter what comes, those promises are kept.  Always.  So, they do not worry about tomorrow.  Instead, they are joyful for today.

My point: Do not worry.  Do not fret.  Just trust. God has it covered, and He has blessed you mightily – yes, you personally. — jri

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray

about everything. Tell God what you need,

and thank him for all he has done. Then you

will experience God’s peace, which exceeds

anything we can understand.”

  • Philippians 4:6-7a


I know that people without faith (and many with it, also) think the above advice sounds like W.C. Fields’ cure for insomnia: “Ah, yes, get lots of sleep.”  All I know is that I am prone to worry and over plan, to work out the details of what will take place six months from now.  However, as I am learning to trust that God is really not pulling my leg, that He is serious, I am also learning to let go, to leave it all in His mighty hands.  The toughest part is when things do not go as I had hoped, when the friend dies, the dog runs off, the relationship fails.  But when I am able to look through those times to the other side, I realize that even things that I would tend to see as tragic are leading to things that are blessed.  That’s grace.  Those are miracles.  So, no moping.  Just trust.  God is in charge, and He knows exactly what He is doing.


John Ingrisano


May 12, 2016



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