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In my early faith days, I’d ask God for help achieving my goals.  I’d give Him my list and ask Him to bless it.  Always indulgent of my whimsy, He’d often/usually give me that for which I asked.  Problem:  Few people, including me, have any idea what they really want or, more to the point, what will bring them genuine joy, peace, happiness (versus pleasure, comfort, distraction from problems).

These days, I’m much more inclined to ask God to show me what He wants me to do … and then ask Him to help me achieve it.  Ah, much better.  These days, even though there are problems, my life is double-dipped (with sprinkles on top) in joy, peace, happiness.

My point:  It’s called The Way.  It’s God’s way, and there is no other way worth pursuing.  Sit back.  Be patient.  Wait on God, and He will show you the way He has in mind for you.  Just trust, be patient, and be ready to respond when you get the tap on the shoulder.   – jri

Your own ears will hear him.

     Right behind you a voice will say,

‘This is the way you should  go,’

     whether to the right or to the left.”

—  Isaiah 30:21

Over the last few years, the men of my small group have periodically led Bible studies and presentations for the broken men at Set Free, a local drug rehab facility (and the place that saved the life of Susan’s brother, Phil, who then brought Susan to faith).  We’ve gotten to know the guys, many of whom have no family or friends outside the facility.  Before I began a study earlier this month, one of the men came up to me and said how glad he was to see us.  “We thought you’d forgotten about us,” he said, since we had not been there in several months.

Well, over lunch with a friend, Larry, the other day, the two of us sketched out a way to make sure we returned to Set Free on a regular basis, at least once a month, and that we had men who could lead the studies.  We also outlined how we could be spiritually supportive of Pastor Aaron, the director, who dedicates himself 24 hours a day to helping others and, as it turns out, could use a little faith fellowship of his own.

Larry and I believe – no, not in a  smug way — that God laid it out for us.  Though we had not seen it before, the need was two-by-four-across-the-bridge-of-the-nose obvious; so is the apparent course of action.  God’s Way.

Three favors:  (1) Please pray for the residents of Set Free, and especially for Pastor Aaron, a good man who takes no salary and lives on the premises;  (2) please pray that as we set up this seemingly simple ministry, we follow God’s will and not ours; and (3) if any of you men in Gainesville would like to volunteer for the rotation at Set Free, please let me know.   Thank you, and God bless.

John Ingrisano


May 24, 2016




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