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I had a friend who only showed up when he needed something. If I helped him, he’d disappear until the next time. If I hesitated, he’d boldly attempt to manipulate me into granting him what he wanted.  If I said, “Sorry, I can’t help you this time,” he would be hurt, angry, offended.  I have managed to avoid that “friend” for the last 30 or so years, and my life has been much better for it.  

However, aren’t some of us like that when it comes to God? We ignore Him, couldn’t care less what He would like from us and wouldn’t think of saying, “Thank you, Lord; I’d like to share some of my good fortune,” when everything goes our way. Then, lo and behold, we are in trouble, and we show up with a “Hey, God, old buddy, old pal, gimme this (or that).”  And if He doesn’t pony up pronto (snap fingers here), we are aghast and disappointed and claim He is a fraud, a phony, no god at all.    

My point:  That’s not how we should treat our friends, and that’s not how we should treat our God.  Instead, how about if we take a little time each day to spend with Him?  Read His book. Talk to Him, thanking Him for blessings, and, yes, also asking Him for blessings, for strength and for guidance.  Oh, and listen to Him.  He knows better than we what we truly need.  It’s called a relationship. – jri

Since they refused to listen when I

called to them, I would not listen when

they called to me.”

  • Zechariah 7:13


As a child, I thought of God (always God the Father) as a remote and not-all-that-friendly deity, more interested in punishing me when I screwed up than in loving me. I still have a hard time talking to Him, and I shake my head in disbelief when reading about all the smotings from the Old Testament.  Instead, these days, I prefer to address my prayers to Jesus (God the Son).  When younger, I saw Him as a less-than-appealing goody two-shoes who got suckered into dying for a bunch of worthless people (that would be us).  Over time, though, I began to recognize that Jesus is truly a God of love, who took my weaknesses and sins onto His shoulders.  It was His choice.  Now, I see Jesus as a friend and a brother, as well as King and, most of all, as the epitome of pure love.  So, Lord, no laundry list of favor requests today.  Just a thank you for everything … and it’s a long thank-you list.

John Ingrisano

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