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Rascal and MaxB

You could say that Rascal and Max are rescue dogs – Rascal from behind bars at the Humane Society, Max from the side of a busy road. Today, they spend their days lounging in the sun or under my desk, chasing other dogs around the dog park, playing tug-of-war with their chew toys, or just snugged up, on, and around us watching television in the evening.  They are saved and safe, without a worry in the world.  


I guess the same goes for Susan and me. God found me wandering around in what had become an aimless life, and Susan had seen more tough times than you would think. Now, together, we spend most of our days in joyful wonder – contented, at peace, free of guilt, anxiety, or worry, saved and safe, snugged up in the arms of the Lord.  


My point: All we have to do is let God in, and He will bless us with peace and joy beyond our comprehension.  Life will still have its challenges, but they are so much easier to handle when we put it all in God’s hands. He will rescue us from our foolishness, from our arrogance, from our stiff-necked stubbornness, from ourselves and from the world.  – jri


For he has rescued us from the kingdom of

darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom

of his dear Son, who purchased our freedom

and forgave our sins.”


  • Colossians 1: 13-145



Especially with Rascal, it was not always easy. At one point, because he was usually totally happy and often totally indifferent to being trained, we at one point considered giving him up.  But we persisted, and, yes, we also compromised a lot, adjusting our definition of a “good” dog.  Lots of patience helped.  And today, he is a borderline model dog … borderline.  I suspect that God has similar patience with me.  Though Susan is perfect, I still need some work.  Woof!  Thank you, Lord.  Amen.


John Ingrisano

DailyConnections March 22, 2016

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