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Witness/Confession Time: I was in a borderline dither this past week.  A family member is seriously ill, riddled with cancer, taking ever-increasing doses of morphine for the pain. Susan and I have done small bits to help out.  His time seems short.

He is not an active, practicing believer. I am.  That’s the rub. Doesn’t that mean I should reach out to discuss his salvation and his soul?  I have felt increasingly pushed and prodded – though far from motivated —  by the Spirit to visit and talk about these issues.  And I have been resisting doing so tooth and nail.  (Irony:  I can write about faith, and I can stand in front of hundreds of people and talk about faith, I can even chat about faith with other people of the cross, but I am lousy at – dread? – the idea of one-on-one witnessing.  I suspect there’s something about my Roman Catholic background here.)

I have found myself awakening in the middle of the night in that anxious, borderline dither and feeling “encouraged” to make the visit.  My response?  I kept thinking of Jonah running west when God told him to go east.  Even getting eaten by a big fish didn’t sound all that bad in comparison.

So, I prayed on it.  I asked God for guidance, for strength to make the visit, and for the words to make it a success.  I struggled honestly with this issue, doing my best to give it over to God, something I’m not all that good at. Well, albeit reluctantly, I finally agreed that – as ill-equipped as I was for this task — I would do what He asked of me.  (The thought of this family member dying without the benefit of at least discussing his salvation may have also been a factor in guilting me into obedience.  Whatever works.  I’d do it, but I wasn’t going to be happy about it.)

Still, part of me said, “Why me, God? Why not find somebody else?”  Well, He did.

The phone rang in the middle of our morning prayers the other day while I was praying for strength and guidance on this very issue. It turns out that a friend had brought up the situation with another friend, a woman, a minister who does end-of-life counseling.  She offered to help.  (Scary that it never dawned on me to get in touch with her myself.)

Instantly, all my concerns melted away. We contacted my sick family member (who, by the way, was quite open to getting together, but he didn’t “want to be preached at”) and set up a time for both of us to visit this week.  I’ll let you know the outcome.

My point:  God came through. Grace fell like rain.  I asked for help … and, like always, He sent it. Thank you, Lord.  – jri

“Prayer can do anything. Because with God,

‘all things are possible’ (Matthew 19:26)….

So this is not just a harmless little church ritual

we’re talking about. Nor a pitiful beggar asking

for a handout he’s almost sure he won’t receive.

There’s raw power here. There’s access to God


  • Stephen & Alex Kendrick (The Battle Plan for Prayer)


When called to serve, is anyone truly prepared? Joseph was a young twerp with a talent for annoying his older half-brothers, but God chose him to help his people.  Moses was a reluctant leader who tried to beg off becoming his people’s leader (partially because he was not glib of tongue) and ended up bringing them to the Promised Land.  David was a young shepherd who eventually became a great warrior and king.  And look at the disciples: self-absorbed bumblers who often make me think of the Three Stooges times four … but look what God did for and with them!  So, when God calls, I guess the only thing we need to do is say, “Here I am Lord.  Send me.”


John Ingrisano


February 23, 2016

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