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I am hesitant about broaching the topic of Jesus to non-believers.  With one fellow in particular, whenever I bring up the subject, usually inviting him to church, his response is always the same. He brushes me aside with the words:  “Oh, I believe already.”  He thinks that is enough, and we never get beyond that point, even though he leads a very secular, sometimes immoral life.


Is that enough, announcing belief and then doing nothing with that alleged faith? No.  Even if living a moral life, do we not have an obligation to actively practice and share that faith?  I suspect so.


My point:  Faith, like love, is a verb. It calls for action. It is not something we should put in our pocket and, except for an occasional visit to church on Sundays (and God should be so thrilled that we came to visit), hide away.  That’s because faith is not about us alone, but about sharing and helping others – believers and non-believers alike – about sharing the gift of faith we have been given and spreading the word, supporting others and drawing strength from them in return.  Faith should be active.  That is how they grow.  That is how we grow.   – jri


So we are lying if we say we have fellowship

with God but go on living in spiritual darkness;

we are not practicing the truth but if we are

living in the light, as God is in the light, then we

have fellowship with each other, and the blood

of Jesus, his Son, cleanses us from all sin.”


  • 1 John 1:6-7



This is not just about my vaguely believing friend. It is also about me.  What am I doing with my faith?  Though I can stand on a stage and boldly, joyfully preach to a thousand people, I am uncomfortable sitting down one-on-one with non-believes and semi-believers.  Do I give away enough pocket crosses?  Do I say “God bless you” enough in the grocery store checkout line?  Do I act like a follower of Christ among strangers, or am I rude or crude in public, an embarrassment to the cross I wear around my neck?  Do I step up enough?  Today, without guilt or angst, I will try harder.  Please join me.  And God bless.


John Ingrisano


February 2, 2016

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