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I confess that I have grown bored, bored, bored with my hard-nosed intellectual friends.  Educated and knowledgeable about just about everything, they are erudite, self-assured, and inclined to drink only fine Madagascan wines (and only after swirling it and sniffing it and pronouncing their informed assessment).


Most of all, if ever I would dare to speak of anything as silly as faith or God in front of them, they would smile pityingly (dare I say, with ennui?) and look at me as if I were pleasantly simpleminded, if not hopelessly retarded.  (Well, at least they never patted me on the head and sighed, though I suspect they wanted to.)  They were too smart, too astute, too too too to believe in such a stupid concept as God.


Finally, I realized, “How sad.”  These are the people my father used to caustically refer to as “brilliant morons,” highly educated men and women who did not know how to think for themselves and who were afraid to open their hearts, minds, and souls to the possibility of knowledge beyond knowledge, of understanding beyond understanding, and of Truth beyond knowing.  Usually relying heavily on science, these brainiacs too often failed to realize that science is nothing more than the discovery of small bits of the incredible system that God put in place.  Contrary to what many of them think, every new discovery does not disprove the existence of God; it verifies it.


My point:  Wisdom, knowledge, and faith are gifts, gifts that cannot be discovered or unearthed by study, research, or logic.  So, I guess we should be pityingly patient with our over-educated, intellectual friends.  Maybe someday, maybe, they’ll get it.  Poor souls.   – jri


The message of the cross is foolish to

those who are headed for destruction! 

But we who are being saved know it is

the very power of God.  As the Scriptures


          ‘I will destroy the wisdom of the wise

          and discard the intelligence of the


So, where does this leave the philosophers,

the scholars, and the world’s brilliant debaters?

God has made wisdom of this world look


                  ~ St. Paul (1 Corinthians 1:18-20)


Just for the record, and I say this both defensively and tongue in cheek, I am one fairly well-educated guy myself.  I have a handful of college degrees, usually am reading between four and six books at a time, know a decent wine from syrupy swill, and am generally thrilled by discoveries in science.  Oh, and I also bring 65 years of worldly experience and personal observation to the table.  I believe in God (no, more than that, I will dare to say that I know, love and respect God) and I respect science.  Just saying.


John Ingrisano


December 3, 2015

1 Comment

  1. I love this, John! I always read your posts and emails and am always thrilled with the way they speak to me so directly sometimes. This one is not so much about speaking to my heart as simply being spot-on about The Way It Is. It’s your special blend of profound stuff wrapped in clever punch that keeps it real. Thank you!

    Comment by Belea — December 3, 2015 #

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