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I often forget to say thanks for the miracles that crowd my life. Maybe that’s because my life is filled with miracles: the gradual improving of Susan’s stomach condition; the restoration of a once-broken relationship with one daughter and the creation of a stable, against-all-odds joyous life for another; the loss of everything I had once desired, replaced by everything and more of what has brought me peace and joy … blessings I could never have thought to desire, let alone ask for.  And much, much more.


Why do I tend to not say thanks for the miracles in my life? I think it is because they come in such subtle ways.  You see, at least for me, the miracles don’t generally arrive in big thunderclaps.  Instead, they sneak up on me; I just wake up one day and a long and pesky problem is solved, a prayer is answered.  I almost don’t notice it.


Today, no point, just a suggestion:  Every morning, before we start our morning prayers, Susan and I each and separately write down in a book the one thing we are most grateful for that day.  Sometimes it may be something big like a restored relationship or a spiritual or physical healing.  Other days, it may be something subtle like the beautiful sunrise or, as I was traveling last week, “for a set of seats in the Denver airport without armrests,” so I could stretch out and get some sleep.  What this does is remind us to be grateful each day for something … for everything.  As a result, we find ourselves aware of the multitude of miracles that surround us each day.    – jri


The earnest prayer of a righteous person

has great power and produces wonderful


                  ~ James 5:16b


What does the above quote from James have to do with miracles? Sure, once in a while, God just drops a miracle on someone.  However, I have found that the miracles in my life come as the result of asking.  They come from prayer.  I don’t know about being a “righteous person”; I’m more flawed than a fresh paint job in a tornado.  But I ask.  I pray.  And I keep praying.  And so far I’d have to say I’m batting about .999.  (The restoration of the broken relationship between my son and me is still in the works, but it will come.  And any prayers you could send in that direction would be wondrously appreciated, too.)  God answers prayers — in His sweet time and in His sweet way – but He answers them… ALWAYS.  Just trust.  Just keep on praying.


John Ingrisano


4279 Hunter Road

Gainesville, GA 30506

December 17, 2015

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