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“God didn’t do nuttin!” From my limited experience, it seems that the number one reason people turn their backs on God is because they figure He let them down. He didn’t give them that for which they asked.  It’s not that they do not believe in God.  They’re just not on speaking terms with Him.


These folks misunderstand. They want a step-n’-fetch servant for their God. They want to snap their fingers and, poof, God ponies up their latest request.  (Oh, and just for the record, this is generally the only time they talk to God – not to say thanks or tell Him how much they appreciate him – just to hand Him His next set of marching orders.  “Come on, God, step lively, or I won’t believe in you anymore!”)


My point: God is not our servant; He is our God.  Yes, Jesus came to serve, but not as our personal slave, employee or fairy god mother. God answers prayers, but I haven’t seen much evidence that He’s big on being ordered around.  Talk to God.  Yes, tell Him what you fear, what you believe you need, and what you desire, but also tell Him thank you … in all situations.  Then just be patient and trust.  God answers prayers.  Always, and in His own sweet time.   – jri


God is not our bellhop and doesn’t owe us an

immediate response…. [U]sually He waits.

For the perfect time. And His time is always

gloriously better than ours.” 

                  ~ Stephen & Alex Kendrick

The Battle Plan for Prayer


I personally rarely argue with God these days. Sure, once in a while, I get frustrated because He doesn’t hop to it when I have a problem.  However, when Susan and I pray (and we do so with more and more confidence), we always start by (1)praising God for His majesty, from the sunrise to the ordering of the seasons to His wisdom in ordering our lives to miracles and prayers answered; this is followed by (2) thanking  God, for He has showered down grace like rain on us; after that, (3) we ask – not order, but ask – for His intercession and favor, not just for ourselves, but for others; and then, (4) we go about our days in confidence that He is in charge.  No, God is not our servant.  He is our awesome God.  And, yes, in His own sweet time and way, He answers all our prayers.


John Ingrisano


4279 Hunter Road

Gainesville, GA 30506

January 5, 2016

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