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Excerpts From

 “A Perfect Day: Thoughts on Faith & Forgiveness”By John R. Ingrisanowww.DailyConnections.net

 I have this whimsical, fantasy goal.  It’s called a “perfect day.”

That is a day in which I do everything just right — from eating healthy (no more than one trip to DQ for a Blizzard) and not calling that oblivious driver on the road an idiot, to being self-disciplined, focused and on top of the deadly and self-destructive demons that inhabit all of our souls.  Truth be told, I’ve had about three, maybe four of those days in my 57 years.

My point: No one on this mortal earth is perfect.  So, here is my better (in my opinion) definition of the perfect day:

A perfect day is not a day

when you do everything right.

A perfect day is when you are forgiven

— by yourself and by God —

when you do everything wrong. – jri

 * * *

 Go easy on yourself. If the apostles had trouble getting it right, don’t expect perfection from yourself.

Look at the 12.  They spent three years in close contact with Jesus, witnessing His miracles, listening to His words, receiving personal instruction and guidance.  And one thing shows up consistently again and again:  They are always coming up a day late and a denaria short, sleeping when they should be alert and awake, arguing like Moe, Larry and Curly when Jesus was trying to explain something to them, pretty much missing every point … and this going on for years.

My point:  Like the apostles, we too have been hand-picked, but not necessarily because we are better or brighter than the rest of the world.  Thank God that God is patient.  Enjoy your faith, as shaky as it may be at times … and let’s draw straws to see who gets to sit next to Jesus.  Nyuck nyuck nyuck. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.).  — jri

“[B]ut no one at the meal understood why Jesus

said this to him.  Since Judas had charge of the

money, some thought Jesus was telling him to

buy what was needed for the Feast, or to give

something to the poor.”

—    John 13:28-29

* * *

Ever get tired? Ever wonder how everybody else seems to have steely-eyed, rock-solid faith, while you live with doubts?

Guess what?  I know of no one who doesn’t, at least once in a while, feel exhausted, spent, empty, with a soul as dry as dust.  Faith isn’t a feeling.  It’s a knowing sometimes, a hoping always.

My point?  Faith isn’t about a hale-fellow, feel-good experience. It seems to me that it’s about trying to trust in God and trying to serve Him, even when it doesn’t always feel thrilling.  And, yes, even enjoying (or at least accepting) those days when your soul feels empty. –jri

He came to a broom tree, sat down

under it and prayed that he might die.

‘I have had enough, Lord,’ he said.”

—    Elijah

(1 Kings 19:4)

Kind Words from Friends About

A Perfect Day

Michelangelo believed that every stone had a sculpture within it, and his job was simply a matter of chipping away all that was not a part of the statue to free the form inside. John does the same with old, worn out “blah-blah-blah” quotes – chipping away at the tiresome written-in-stone truisms to free the essence of their meanings.

I find myself saying, “Oh, that’s what that Bible passage meant” – and appreciating its wisdom, usually for the first time. Thank you, John. You make my ol’ heart smile.

— Joyce Griffin

ERA Communications Manager, and friend

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